5 Tips to Avoid Eczema Flares Back at School

5 Tips to Avoid Eczema Flares Back at School

Lana Lindstrom

Back to school time is here, whether you have already started or are starting soon, you can never be too prepared to avoid an eczema flare. New year, new classroom will require some adjusting for your child and their eczema. These tips will help your child avoid flares at school to get them started on the right track to enjoy all this school year has to offer!

  1. Pack an Eczema Kit: An eczema kit can offer relief to your child without judgement. The kit can include items such as medication, eczema clothing, emergency cards, or anything they may need for a flare. Read more about how to pack an eczema kit, the article can be found here.
  2. Get to know school staff: Familiarize the school with your child’s condition. Introduce yourself and your child to the school nurse, bus driver, and teachers. You can offer suggestions or tips on how to handle your child’s eczema in case of an unexpected flare or emergency. Also, provide them with a list of allergens or irritants so they are better prepared.

Additional Tip: Ask your child’s teacher to place their seat assignment away from windows, vents, or radiators. The heat or cold air may irritate their eczema.


3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. One of the most important routines to stay on top of, especially when you are not around. Moisturize as close to bus pick-up or school drop-off as possible. Buying multiple eczema emollients allows you to place them in different places for more convenience. By keeping extra emollients in your car, child’s backpack, and with the school nurse your child is sure to always have access to moisturizing.

4. Pack a Lunch: Packing a lunch for your child is a great way to make sure they are not eating foods they have allergies to. You can pack healthier options than the school can provide. These foods would include: apples, kale, blueberries, yogurt, cheese, broccoli, or other healthy alternatives your child enjoys.

5. Stay on the same routine: As busy as this time of year is, eczema is best controlled when you stay on the same treatment routine, and a strict one. This means getting enough sleep, bathing, and moisturizing every day. Eczema routines look different for everyone. If you do not have an eczema treatment plan, read this article for a healthy start to a bathing and moisturizing routine.

Back to school is an exciting time for your child, don’t let eczema get in the way of a great year ahead.

Back to school essentials for eczema

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