5 Tips for Treating Toddler Eczema without Steroids

5 Tips for Treating Toddler Eczema without Steroids

Anne Fairchild McVey

How to Treat Toddler Eczema Without Topical Steroids

Does your toddler have stubborn eczema? Do you wonder about the side effects of topical steroids prescribed by your child's physician? The International Topical Steroid Awareness Network states that Red Skin Syndrome (RSS) or Topical Steroid Addiction can lead to Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW), a debilitating result of continued topical steroid use.

There are simpler, more natural methods to treat toddler eczema. See our five recommendations below:

  • Soak and Seal Your Child's Skin. Most dermatologists and allergists who treat eczema recommend bathing your child at bedtime in a lukewarm tub for at least 10 minutes. Pat dry with a clean towel and immediately apply an eczema emollient.

  • Add Epsom Salt or Coconut Oil to Your Child's Tub. The salt cleans your child's skin, lessens bacteria, and reduces inflammation. The coconut oil coats your child's skin with necessary moisture to repair the skin barrier.
  • Apply Eczema Clothing Over the Eczema Emollient. Specialty eczema clothing made with Tencel® fabric minimizes itching while keeping emollients in place. 
  • Use Wet Wrap Therapy (Wet Wraps). Wet wrap therapy for eczema has been recommended by physicians for over 20 years as a safe and extremely effective way to treat toddler eczema. Wet wrap therapy decreases the need for topical steroids, calms itching, and reduces inflammation. Research reveals that wet wraps reduce eczema symptoms by an average of 71%. Dampen Tencel® eczema garments and apply over an eczema emollient for wet wrap therapy. A dry layer can be applied over the damp layer, temperature permitting.

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