3 Simple Tips to Help Manage Eczema Related Stress in Children

3 Simple Tips to Help Manage Eczema Related Stress in Children

Lana Lindstrom

Children can often be embarrassed by their eczema, leading to stress-related flares. It can cause bullying and isolation which can then lead to depression if not managed. As parents, you can help your child understand stress related eczema and offer positive ways to manage it using these three tips.

Find support

Children with eczema often feel insecure about their skin, they may even get bullied as a result. Finding other children who also have eczema can be great support. When they are able to connect with others, they can feel less stressed about what others think of them.

There are many resources available to connect them. The American Academy of Dermatology offers a free week-long camp called “Camp Discovery” that group together kids with similar skin conditions. For more information on this camp, or to register visit

There are also many support groups for adults with eczema or parents of children who have eczema. The National Eczema Association offers support through online discussion boards, emails, telephone, and annual conferences. To learn more, visit

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Think positively

Encourage your child to engage in activities that interest them. This can remind your child to think positively and forget about the current situation. Sports, crafts, reading, volunteering, or spending time with friends can be a great outlet for your child to relax. If you as a parent remain positive, your child is more likely to think that way too.

When stressful situations arise, handle them alongside your child and offer support. Handling stress can be scary and difficult for young children. Take advantage of support groups (noted above) if you are unsure of the best way to handle your situation.

Be a role model for a healthy lifestyle

An important part of managing eczema symptoms is to live a healthy lifestyle. Healthy habits can relieve stress and promote self-esteem. Children often follow the lifestyles and habits of their parents. Having a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, bathing and moisturizing, and exercising can encourage your child follow in your footsteps. Living a healthy lifestyle with eczema can relieve stress and lead to less flares. Yoga can be a great source of exercise and relaxation, and can be done together with your child.

Tips for how to start living a healthy lifestyle:

  • Prepare healthy meals for your child to take with them to school
  • Bathe and moisturize before bed, this can be calming and can make it easier to fall asleep
  • Exercise alongside your child in a fun and positive way.
  • Eliminate common eczema triggers from your home. 

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