​2016 Top Breakthroughs in Eczema Research

​2016 Top Breakthroughs in Eczema Research

Jennie Lyon

2016 Top Breakthroughs in Eczema Research

Seems strange to type it, but that was a banner year for eczema sufferers!

There were a multitude of discoveries this year which could, in the very near future, change the lives of everyone who has eczema. From the successful trials of new eczema drugs, to breakthroughs in understanding how eczema affects the skin, to drug company scandals, it has been a roller coaster. Let’s take a look!


This is one of the two new drugs that will hopefully be on the market for eczema treatment in the new year. Specifically designed for moderate to severe eczema, this injectable drug acts on the parts of the immune system that cause inflammation. This type of drug is already being used to treat other inflammation-based illnesses to great effect, so hopefully it will be greeted with similar success with eczema.

The clinical phase III trial showed that the drug not only help with symptoms of eczema, it also reduced anxiety and depression. As eczema can have a huge impact on your mental health, this is hardly surprising!

There does appear to be a delay in the release of Dupilumab due to manufacturing issues, but hopefully this problem will be ironed out and it will be available soon.


This is the other new eczema drug that will be released in just a few months. Unlike dupilumab, crisaborole (brand name: Eucrisa) is a non-steroidal ointment designed for mild to moderate eczema. If you or your eczema child suffers from a less severe case of eczema, this might be the drug for you. After a 1,500-person phase III trial, 31% of participants saw a massive improvement in their condition after only 8 days. Frankly, we can’t wait to see what this drug does in conjunction with wet wrap therapy and our Eczema Rescue Suits. Hopefully, our children will soon be able to get a good night’s rest and wake up with healthy, non-irritated skin.


Ok, this might not exactly have to do with eczema, but it is related. This has been quite a year for the allergy EpiPen, a lifesaving device used to treat an anaphylactic (massive allergic) reaction. After exorbitant price hikes by the drug company that makes the EpiPen, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, media attention and parental outrage forced the government into action. After multiple investigations and incredibly bad publicity, the company decided to announce they would release a generic version of the EpiPen for far less than the brand-version was sold for. That isn’t the breakthrough, though. The breakthrough is that, because of this entire situation, other companies have started to develop their own version of the EpiPen. The drug inside the pen is generic (epinephrine)—anyone can manufacture it. The only thing that is owned by the drug company is the delivery device. So, in the near future, we might be seeing incredibly cheap and effective alternatives to the brand-name EpiPen. Guess that just goes to show you what greed at the expense of families’ health will get you!