Good Books for Kids with Eczema

Good Books for Kids with Eczema

Elizabeth Scott

Coping with our children’s eczema can be challenging and stressful for us parents. But it must be very confusing for our kids. Especially the little ones just getting used to a daily skin care routine, or school age kids who may be afraid they look different.  Our kids are itchy and uncomfortable and most of the time they are so patient with the bathing and application of cremes and wrapping and testing out new treatments. Bless their hearts! 

Reading stories with your children about others coping with eczema may help to ease their anxiety and take their mind off of itching for a while.Reading can also help pass the time, calm fears and open discussions.Try one of these books next time your child is taking a bath, preparing for wet wrap therapy, bedtime or at the doctor’s office. 

Eczema Books for Kids:

  • Emmy's Eczema – Jack Hughes, Rosen Publishing: “When Emmy runs out of cream to soothe her eczema, a condition that makes her skin dry and itchy, she and her friends must trek to the Jurassic meadow to gather more flowers and make more cream. But will Emmy be able to resist scratching her skin until then? What she learns about perseverance and teamwork is good lesson for all children” Good for pre-school and elementary age kids.
  • Camille's Itchy Twitchy Eczema – Candis Butler, Mascot Publishing: “Camille has itchy, twitchy, painful, and sometimes oozy, eczema. The other kids laugh at her, and make her feels like she is a monster. Camille’s friend, Lisa, takes an interest in her suffering, and convinces Camille that she should teach the other children about eczema. The girls get Camille’s mother as well as their teacher, principal, and nurse to help them inform their schoolmates.” Good for elementary and middle school age kids.
  • Syler and the Sandpaper Towel – Stephanie Shinno, America Star Books: “Syler and the Sandpaper Towel" is a positive uplifting fictional book that was based on facts and experiences of the author's own personal life. It teaches children how to brainstorm, and to come up with their own creative solutions to their daily problems. It is a unique fictional story of a ten-year-old boy named Syler, who through his efforts has inspired his own parents to believe in his capabilities as a family member and idealist, which eventually brought them closer together in the end. Syler's compelling story also brings awareness to a skin disorder called Eczema, which is rarely talked about today but has affected thousands, if not millions, of kids and adults daily. But more touching is how Syler figures out on his own the true value of a dollar and how to be financially savvy and creative with his funds, by saving and contributing to his family's and community's needs on a regular basis.” Good for school age kids.
  • I Have Eczema – Jen Greatsinger, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform: “Take your child on a lighthearted adventure with Emma as she goes through her day discovering itchy monsters, going to the dermatologist, and learning to cope with eczema. Your child will appreciate having a "friend" like Emma, who shares similar experiences with eczema.” Great for school age kids.
  • Malcom Finney Medical Detective The Case of.... Itch and RashErika Kimble, Boos and Bandages Press: “Malcolm Finney, Medical Detective: The Case of Itch and Rash, is an adventurous story that explores the skin disease called eczema. It is a book that teaches affected children and their peers about the cause and treatment of this condition. The message this book imparts is that of empowerment, healthy ideals, and tolerance of those whose skin may look just a little different.” Great for school age kids.

We hope this list of books is helpful. Are there any others we should know about?  Let us hear from you and we'll be happy to add to our list.